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  • Thin vs. Thick Stone Countertops: Choosing the Right Stone Thickness for Your Project, 04 Jun 2021

    Bertoli Quartz Waterfall Kitchen Island Slabs
    Featured Image: Bertoli Quartz Waterfall Kitchen Island Slabs from Arizona Tile

    You can transform the look of a whole room by replacing the countertops with a gorgeous natural stone or quartz slab. Some slabs, like granite, quartz, quartzite, soapstone, and other luxurious stones, can also elevate your backsplash, shower walls, and more, for a complete design upgrade.

    When it comes time to actually choose your slab, you may feel overwhelmed by decisions. You'll have to choose the material, color, finish, application, and thickness. To help you make one of those decisions, let's take a closer look at thickness. In this guide, you'll learn if thin or thick stone countertops are best for your project.

  • Enhancements to Arizona Tile’s Popular Tools – Just Imagine and Just Design, 25 Jul 2015

    Our popular design tools, Just Imagine and Just Design, have been updated, as we strive to make them even more practical, helpful, and fun for you during the design process. Check out the new upgrades! Just Imagine The Just Imagine visualizer can still be accessed at the same web address, with the home page above being displayed when you go to the site. Revisions to the Just Imagine visualizer include: Some layout modifications to update for current trends Exciting new room s...

  • Cut-to-Size Program, 15 Nov 2014

    Have you ever wished that custom cut products were more affordable? We did too. Creating a custom designed floor layout in natural stone is either very basic or very expensive. Color and stone choice, as well as sizes, are often limited in the pre-fab natural stone or quartz vanities. And for some, creating custom projects can be cost prohibitive. We asked our General Manager of Stone, Roy Kunihiro, about the Cut-to-Size program. The Cut-to-Size program includes these terms such as: pre-fab (...

  • Special Order Trends from Phoenix, 14 Nov 2012

    Roland Arnold, a Sales Representative in the Phoenix market for Arizona Tile is well-known in the industry and respected throughout the Phoenix Valley. Roland works with designers to fabricate residential and commercial spaces that delight customers. Roland was pleased to share with us the designs that are trending right now in his area of the country. “Tuscan is OUT,” says Roland, “In really high end, there’s a definite trend toward an ‘Antiqued’ look…...