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Posted 07/02/2021 by Arizona Tile

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Aequa Cirrus R11 Anti-Slip Finish Porcelain Patio Tile
Featured Image: Aequa Cirrus R11 Anti-Slip Finish Porcelain Patio Tile from Arizona Tile

Imagine a tile that looks like gorgeous wood planks with natural grains and variations, yet it also has the practicality of porcelain tile. Aequa tile is a special tile that is both homey and trendy. Add comfort to your home, and don't be afraid to make a splash because Aequa tile comes with an anti-slip surface, making it perfect for your dream patio, deck, or steam shower floor.

Benefits of Wood-Look Aequa Tile

Our Aequa series is an extremely versatile selection that comes with surprising benefits. Aequa tile is a wood-look porcelain tile, which means it's durable and easy-to-clean like porcelain but with the homeyness and charm of wood planks. Just like real wood, this tile is printed with various shades and highlights that make it look exactly like wood grain. It comes in five different color choices and many sizes, so you can achieve a cool or warm and slender or thick look. It also has a unique hexagon pattern option for fans of adventurous and bold design. 

The best thing about Aequa wood-look tile is the R-11 anti-slip surface option. This means that the wet areas of your home or commercial space can now still look stylish and be safe at the same time. The anti-slip surface is perfect for commercial exterior spaces, like hotel pool decks and waterlines, and for your home's high-traffic wet areas, like your mudroom floor, shower pans, and outdoor patio.

Explore the endless possibilities for each of the "wood" tone options:

Aquea Nix Wood-Look Porcelain Tile Floor Entryway
Image: Aquea Nix Wood-Look Porcelain Tile Floor Entryway from Arizona Tile

Aequa Nix

In a light ash blonde tone, Nix wood-look tile brightens every space it's in. Smaller spaces, like showers or bathrooms, benefit from a light and warm shade on the floor or walls because it reflects more light into the space. You can also make your kitchen look bigger and brighter with a kitchen floor in this light hue. This versatile shade also complements any cabinet color, so it will elevate any kitchen. With the practicality of easy-to-clean porcelain and the warmth of the wood-look style, Aequa Nix porcelain tile is a great choice for kitchen and bathroom floors. The R-11 anti-slip surface will give you peace of mind even in areas that prone to splashes and spills.

Aequa Tur Porcelain Bathroom Floor Wood-Look Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Aequa Tur Porcelain Bathroom Floor Wood-Look Tile from Arizona Tile

Aequa Tur

Aequa Tur porcelain tile is a beautiful wood shade that looks natural and warm. If you are looking for a traditional and sophisticated wood-look color choice, Tur may be the answer. Any commercial or residential space can benefit from its warmth and homeyness. 

For a unique blend of rustic and modern, use Tur wood-look tile for your kitchen countertop. If you're interested in the butcher block countertop trend but are worried that a wood countertop is not practical, you can achieve the same look and be practical with a wood-look porcelain countertop. 

Aequa Tur Bathroom Wood-look Porcelain Floor Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Aequa Tur Bathroom Wood-look Porcelain Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Aequa Silva

Silva tile's yellowish hues resemble the wood from a bright golden oak tree. One way to take advantage of this tile selection is to transform your space with an indoor to outdoor patio. With the anti-slip surface, Aequa Silva tile is safe to use indoors and outdoors, so you can finally have the indoor-outdoor living space of your dreams. If the wood tile planks point in the direction of outdoors and continue in that direction on the exterior, your flooring will give the illusion of extending past the boundary of walls.

For another fun twist on the traditional wood look, try the Silva tile in the hexagon shape. Unlike real wood, this porcelain tile also comes in a hexagon pattern option that makes the perfect honeycomb tile backsplash. It's cheerful, cozy, and pleasing to the eye.

Aequa Cirrus Wood-look Porcelain Floor Tile and Aequa Cirrus R11 Anti-Slip Finish Outdoor Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Aequa Cirrus Wood-look Porcelain Floor Tile and Aequa Cirrus R11 Anti-Slip Finish Outdoor Tile from Arizona Tile 

Aequa Cirrus

Each tile color offers different benefits and advantages. Since Aequa Cirrus tile is a pale, almost white wood-look tone, it has the ability to make any space look larger and brighter. This tile choice can also draw your eye to a statement piece or accent, like a fireplace, steam shower, or accent wall. Aequa Cirrus tile's pale white tone can make any detail or large feature, like a statement outdoor patio, really pop. If you are looking for a safe, practical, and stylish option for hotel or residential pool decking, Cirrus is an impressive choice. Imagine an easy-to-clean, durable, and anti-slip pool waterline and decking that elevates any pool deck into a luxurious oasis.

Aequa Castor Wood-look Porcelain Tile Floor
Image: Aequa Castor Wood-look Porcelain Tile Floor from Arizona Tile

Aequa Castor

Aequa Castor tile is a comforting milk chocolate shade. Like walnut wood paneling, Castor tile has a richness that brings warmth to larger spaces. Add farmhouse charm to your spaces with a stunning wood-look floor in this tone. Another way to take advantage of this darker color choice is to use it in a room that already has a lot of light-colored features. Elevate and bring contrast to your bathroom with a natural wall of wood-look tile behind your bathtub. Wood-look tile makes an otherwise stark room look more inviting and cozy. It also looks great as exterior cladding for your home or commercial space.

Make a Splash With Anti-Slip Aequa Arizona Tile

From the light Aequa Nix porcelain tile to the rich Castor tone, this tile series is truly versatile and complements any home or commercial space. Imagine all the possibilities with its R11 Anti-Slip Finish.

To add wood-look tile charm to your project, check out our design tools to help you visualize your space. Stop into one of our locations today and see why Arizona Tile is here to help you achieve your dream design.